For Buyers

Being a Buyer.

Being a buyer is an exciting experience. You are ready to move onto the next stage of your life and I thank you for including me in this wonderful journey.

Here is a bit of insight as to how I work - I would love to know as much about you and your family as I can. In order to help you find your perfect home, I believe this is a huge part. I also like to get to know a bit about your dream home (if money was no object) so that I can be on the lookout for those special features that mean the most to you. As well, getting to know about what you like to do in your spare time gives me an edge when it comes to location and nearby amenities that may be important to you. 
The next step is my One Stop Shop experience that I offer all of my clients. Right here at my office we have access to all of the properties that are available in the Cariboo region. We are going to look at all the properties that are listed for sale. Not physically but by process of elimination. The reason we do this is so that you can be comfortable in making your decision and not left wondering if there is something better out there, because we've eliminated all other options. 
We will physically view those homes that peak your interest and when you find a home you feel fits your family, I will give you a run-down of your expected costs so that you can be fully prepared as to what it will take to actually purchase your home. 
We at Royal LePage 100 Mile Realty have developed a plan to professionally supervise every step of your buying process. Absolutely nothing will be left to chance. And once the sale of your new home has completed I subscribe my clients to my after-sale follow up service. For the future I will contact you regularly to handle any needs you might have regarding real estate. This is my system to ensure all clients leave my office satisfied and excited about their future. 

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Finding the perfect neighborhood

Choosing the right neighborhood is an important part of finding a home. If you love the house but hate the neighbors, or have the perfect kitchen but have an agonizing two-hour commute, you’re never going to feel completely comfortable living there.

Your best bet is to figure out if your neighborhood is a good fit with your family before you start looking for a home there (or certainly before you put in an offer). Spend some time there; take a walk through the streets, visit local shops and restaurants, and pick up a community paper to get a sense of the area’s personality.

Here are few questions that can help you figure out if a neighborhood is right for you:

What types of people live there? Families? Retirees? First-time homeowners? Professionals with no kids? An area populated mainly by young families, for example, will feel very different from one with lots of college and university students.

How convenient is it? Figure out how far you’ll have to travel to do everyday stuff like grocery shopping. Where’s the closest gym? Dry cleaner? Post office? What about parks and recreational facilities? Being close to amenities isn’t important to everyone, but it’s a real day-to-day time saver, and can make the difference in the feel of a neighborhood; a place where people walk to the store and the library has a very different flavor than an area where people have to drive everywhere they need to go.

Are there schools nearby? If you have kids, proximity and quality of schools is a major consideration. Talk with people who live in the area, and call local schools or check online to get test scores and ratings. Figure out exactly where schools are located to see if your kids can walk or if they’ll have to be driven or bussed.

Finding a neighborhood you like is just as important as living in a home you love. Good neighbors, great amenities, nice schools and cool shops can make or break how you feel about your home. So talk to your REALTOR®, do your research, and you should be able to find a community that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

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